Gtoys has been making ride-on toys for over 40 years and that experience shows in every Gtoys products designed to last, it’s not uncommon for one Gtoys tricycle to get handed dowm to every sibling in a family (that is, as long as a big brother or big sister is willing to part with it!) parents love Gtoys tricycles too.

  • 47/5000 Optimal use of resources based on pure production approach
  • Promotion of sales and growth of market share by relying on customer satisfaction
  • Continuous improvement of products and production processes

Gtoys At a glance

  • Golden one-year warranty for all products
  • Use of high quality materials
  • International Standard Certificates
  • It has standard badges and product quality
  • The first and the largest producer of tricycles in Iran
  • Over 50 years of brilliant production history